May 2015

Trees That E-mail You Back

Kings Domain parklands in Melbourne, AustraliaKings Domain parklands in Melbourne, Australia

Kings Domain parklands in Melbourne, Australia
The trees of Kings Domain park are part of Melbourne, Australia’s urban forest, or forest inside a city.

You’ve probably received e-mails from your friends and family members. But have you ever received an e-mail from a tree? Believe it or not, if you e-mail a tree in Melbourne, Australia, you just might get an e-mail back!

In Melbourne, there are more than 70,000 trees that line the streets and parks. Each tree is identified with a number. That number is connected to an interactive map of the trees that can be found online. If you click on a tree on the map, you can see its location and number. You can learn what kind of tree it is and how long it is expected to live. You can also send the tree an e-mail. Since trees can’t actually write, city workers answer the e-mails for them.

Some people send e-mails to report problems with the trees. For example, they can let city workers know if a tree needs to be watered or has a broken branch. Other people write to tell the trees how much they love and appreciate them. The e-mails show that the people understand the value trees bring to their city. Trees provide shade and help keep the city cool. They also improve the quality of the air people breathe. They make the city beautiful, too!

Some of the older trees in Melbourne are not expected to live many more years. The city plans to plant 3,000 new trees every year. This will help keep the city looking green. City workers hope their efforts will help more people learn how important trees are to the city.

Image credit: ©Kerin Forstmanis/Alamy

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