November 2011

The Korean Village Known Around the World

Yangdong Folk VillageYangdong Folk Village

Yangdong Folk Village
Yangdong Folk Village is in the southeastern part of South Korea.

Yangdong Folk Village is the largest folk village in South Korea. A folk village is a place where people follow traditions to honor the past. Many of the traditions the people of Yangdong follow come from Confucius (kuhn•FYOO•shuhs). Confucius was a wise teacher who lived in China long ago. In Yangdong, people follow his ideas about kindness, respect, and education.

In 2010, Yangdong Village was picked to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. UNESCO is a United Nations group that shares ideas about education, science, and culture around the world. UNESCO only chooses places that are important to a country’s land or culture. Now, many people around the world know that Yangdong Village is a special place. They can visit the village to learn about Korea’s history and culture.

The leader of Yangdong Village has watched the number of visitors grow. The village is often very busy. The leader works hard to make sure his people still keep their traditions. One of the most important traditions is holding ceremonies to honor family members from long ago. The leader must also educate his children about their traditions. His oldest son will one day lead the village and have the same responsibilities.

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