July 2011

The First Lady Says, “Let’s Move!”

First Lady GardeningFirst Lady Gardening

First Lady Gardening

Children helped First Lady Michelle Obama care for the White House garden.

Michelle Obama is the First Lady. She is married to President Barack Obama. Mrs. Obama started a program called Let’s Move! to help kids be healthy. She travels around the country to teach people about eating well and exercising.

Mrs. Obama invited children to the White House to help her plant a vegetable garden. She works with schools to make school lunches healthier. She challenges children and adults to exercise more.

In June, Mrs. Obama talked about the government’s new guide to healthy eating. The guide is a picture of a plate of food. It shows the amounts people should eat each day of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and dairy.

Image credit: ©Evan Vucci/ASSOCIATED PRESS

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Question 1
What program did the First Lady start?

Question 2
What does the government’s guide to healthy eating show?

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