June 2022

Super Tomatoes


Tomatoes can be eaten raw. They can also be made into sauces for pasta.

Vitamins help you grow. Vitamins help you stay healthy. Your body needs vitamins.

Mostly, we get vitamins from the things we eat. Vitamin D comes from meat, eggs, and milk. It also comes from the sun. Sunshine causes our bodies to make Vitamin D.

Many people don’t get enough Vitamin D. Some people can’t eat meat or eggs. Some can’t drink milk. Others won’t eat these foods. Some people live in places with little sunshine.

Good news! Scientists have created a new tomato. This tomato has high levels of Vitamin D. So far, the tomato has only been grown in a lab.

Scientist will soon begin growing it outdoors. They hope to produce large amounts. This will give people another source of Vitamin D.

Credit: ©Sjo/E+/Getty Images
Question 1
Why are vitamins important?

Question 2
Why don’t some people get enough Vitamin D?

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