March 2013

Students at Kansas School Learn by Farming

A Walton student gathers eggsA Walton student gathers eggs

A Walton student gathers eggs
A second grade student gathers eggs in the hen house at the Walton school.

The Walton Rural Life Center in Walton, Kansas, is a special kind of elementary school. The students learn about ways of life in rural, or country, areas. They take care of farm animals and grow vegetables. They learn math, science, and other subjects by doing farm work. The kids at Walton love to learn this way.

Every morning, Walton students take turns gathering chicken eggs. They clean them and check them for cracks. They learn math by counting the eggs. They put them into dozens, or groups of twelve. They also use math to find out how much money is earned when the eggs are sold.

The children learn responsibility by taking care of the animals. They take turns feeding sheep, hogs, cows, and chickens. They also learn to use what they raise and grow. They make yarn from sheep’s wool. The vegetables they grow become school snacks.

The kids at Walton learn about recycling and using resources wisely. They are learning about using wind power to save fuel. They have a wind turbine at school that uses wind power to make electricity. The electricity powers the school’s greenhouse. Using wind power also helps keep the air clean.

The Walton school is very popular. The school is building more classrooms so even more students can go there.

Image credit: ©Jeff Tuttle/Reuters
Question 1
How do Walton students learn school subjects?

Question 2
What do students at Walton do with sheep's wool?

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