February 2014

Russia Hosts the Winter Olympics

Olympic torch relay in RussiaOlympic torch relay in Russia

Olympic torch relay in Russia
Olympic torch bearers in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, took part in the torch relay. The Olympic torch arrived at Sochi on the day of the Olympics opening ceremony. The torch lights a flame that is a symbol of the Olympic Games.

Athletes from around the world have gathered for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The games are being held in Sochi, Russia, from February 7 to 23. Sochi is a city on the Black Sea in southwestern Russia. About 6,000 athletes from more than 80 countries are competing in 15 different sports. The Winter Olympics happen only once every four years. The Olympics are based on games that first took place long ago in ancient Greece.

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was held in the Fisht Olympic Stadium. This stadium was built for the Olympics. It is open on either end. It gives the audience views of Mount Fisht and the Black Sea. These views show off the natural beauty of Sochi.

The Winter Olympics puts a spotlight on sports that are best done in cold weather. Most of the events will take place on snow or ice. Olympic organizers have been saving snow in case the weather in Sochi gets too warm for snowfall.

The Winter Olympics includes popular sports like figure skating, ice hockey, snowboarding, and skiing. There are also sports you might not have heard of, such as curling and luge. Most of the athletes come from places where the weather gets cold in winter. But one of the teams is a group of bobsledders from Jamaica—a country where it never snows.

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