October 2011

Noble Elementary Gets a Special Playground



Many schools take part in recycling programs.

Students at Noble Elementary School in San Jose, California, are now sliding and climbing on a new playground made from recycled flip-flops. People donated flip-flops they did not want anymore as part of an Earth Day event held this spring. This event kept almost 20,000 flip-flops from being tossed into landfills.

The flip-flops were used to build four playgrounds. One of these playgrounds opened at Noble Elementary on September 10, 2011. The new playground includes a slide and a climbing wall.

Recycling is very important to the students of Noble Elementary. Working together, they have collected more than 78,000 items that would usually be thrown away. Many of these items are not normally recycled. They include energy bar wrappers, empty glue sticks, drink pouches, and worn-out pens. The city of San Jose even recognized Noble Elementary for its work in helping the environment.

Image credit: ©Ariel Skelley/Age Fotostock
Question 1
What is the playground at Noble Elementary made from?

Question 2
In honor of which day did people donate their used flip-flops?

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