February 2013

Murals Brighten Up a Philadelphia Neighborhood

Philly Painting volunteerPhilly Painting volunteer

Philly Painting volunteer
A volunteer for Philly Painting helps paint a colorful mural in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The Germantown neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just got a lot more colorful! A team of artists, business owners, and neighbors worked to make the rundown neighborhood look nicer. They became part of a group called Philly Painting. The group’s goal was to brighten up the neighborhood with large wall paintings called murals.

Dutch artists Jeren Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn led the Philly Painting project. The two artists work as a team called Haas and Hahn. They designed the Germantown murals. They had a team of painters to help create them. Some painters were hired. Others were volunteers. Haas and Hahn got permission from the building owners before they began to paint. They also let storeowners choose which colors their buildings would be painted.

The Philly Painting team painted almost every wall in Germantown. Nearly 100 buildings are now covered with murals. The murals are made up of colorful patterns of stripes, squares, and rectangles.

Germantown residents are proud of the finished murals. They hope that visitors will come to see them. They also hope that the visitors will bring more business to the neighborhood.

The Germantown murals are just some of the murals that can be found in Philadelphia. The city has more than 3,000 murals. It is sometimes called the “Mural Capital of the World.”

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Which neighborhood was changed by Philly Painting?

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